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Reports and documents about payday lending available online:

"Show Me The Money," report by Consumer Federation of America and the US Public Interest Research Group, February 2000

"Safe Harbor for Usury: Recent Developments in Payday Lending," Consumer Federation of America, September 1999

"The Growth of Legal Loan Sharking: A Report on the Payday Loan Industry," Consumer Federation of America, November 1998

"Unregulated Payday Lending Pulls Vulnerable Consumers Into Spiraling Debt," Woodstock Institute Reinvestment Alert, March 2000, Number 14

Press releases, testimony and reports from Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, including:

"Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Payday Loans Disguise Illegal Lending," Consumers Union Southwest Regional Office, February 1999

"Payday Loans Don’t Pay," AARP consumer fact sheet, March 2000

NCLC/CFA Model State Payday Loan Law

NCLC Payday Loans: A Form of Loansharking: The Problem, Legislative Strategies, A Model Act