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Tired of complaining about problems? Join the Consumers League of New Jersey, and be part of the solution. Membership in the Consumers League is open to all who support our program of consumer protection and who pay the $20 annual dues. You do not have to live in New Jersey! We have members across the country, and the Consumers League often fights for your national rights in the halls of Congress.

I wish to become a member of the Consumers League of New Jersey, and/or the Consumers League Education Fund.
Annual dues of $20 include a subscription to the Consumers League Newsletter. Contributions to the Education Fund (only) are tax deductible. Thank you for your contribution.

________Consumers League Life Member, $1,000
________Consumers League Century Club, $100
________Consumers League of New Jersey, annual dues $20
________Consumers League Education Fund, $20
________Additional donation to help CLNJ: Enclosed is:
_____$1,000,_____$100, _____$50, _____$25, _____other.




PHONE (optional)

$100 for 100 Years!

Consumers League of New Jersey celebrated our
One Hundredth Anniversary in the year 2000!

We have a simple plea: if you can,
please send us $100 for our next 100 years!

Please send your membership application and your check to:
Consumers League of New Jersey
60 South Fullerton Avenue
Montclair, New Jersey 07042

Thank you!

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